The core module provides users with a range of management and design tools to automate and speed the production of projects, scheme drawings, and all associated documentation in native AutoCAD Dwg and DXF formats. Includes library symbols standards, and manufacturers parts data as standard

MODULE 2: Assembly Module

The assembly module drastically reduces the time it takes to create cabinets.

Assuring data consistency between scheme drawings and cabinet layouts. Changes made to scheme numbering will automatically be adopted by cabinet components. Components removed from a cabinet that exist in a scheme, or scheme elements removed from a cabinet are graphically displayed as being “orphaned”.

3D models are automatically created from manufacturers dimension data. Multiple components can be placed in the correct cabinet location at the same time, and the cabinet viwed in 3D to carryout quick and easy clash detection checks.


The Connection and Cables editor is an advanced management tool for the manipulation of terminals and devices. Assign cables to scheme terminals and elements, automatically generate terminal wiring diagrams, and define connections between terminals and/or elements. All data generated is fully consistent with the schematic data due to an intelligent bi-directional feed.


The PLC module ensures consistency of information between the PLC programming software and your schematics. Address, comments, labels etc. can be imported or exported to any manufacturer’s PLC ladder software, (Mitsubishi, Omron, RS-Logic, etc).

This means that the I/O information for the ladder software can be generated, error free, automatically from the schematics. The PLC module can also import the information from any manufacturer’s PLC ladder software program and automatically write the I/O information, error free, to the schematics

MODULE 5: MAX / 3D Cabinets

Eliminate the need for engineers to spend hours designing the cabinet wiring diagrams.

From to lists, ensure that the installation engineers can easily realise the cabling defined by the design engineers. The software will automatically determine the shortest possible route between two components to reduce design times and cut your costs. Elimination of errors, and reduced design times will greatly reduce design costs. This module considers the true cable type, and allows for segregation of cables, and will automatically report on trunking fill factors, packing density, number of wires per trunking route etc.

MODULE 6: SQL / Advanced Automation

This extension sees a complete reworking of the programs internal architecture, replacing the current databases with one SQL SERVER 2000 database.

All ED SQL data fully compatible with other ED versions and releases.

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