This module seeks to provide users with more specialist tools for the design and maintenance of multi-conductor harnesses.

The module can be run as an ELECTRICAL Designer module for AutoCAD Electrical or as an enhancement for standard ELECTRICAL Designer, for AutoCAD LT, vanilla AutoCAD, etc



Creation of Harness drawings

The user will be able to create a new drawing type Harness within their standard electrical projects.


The harness drawing will allow the insertion of connectors that can be connected up with cables.


Cables can be designed within the drawing, allowing the user to define and display all the information related to the internal make up of the cables.


Some of the features are outlined as follows:

1. Connection tables displayed beside connectors, providing information on connector pin connections, and conductor properties including colour, and signal.

2. Cable tables providing information on conductors passing through a specific cable including colour, signal, free/spare conductors.

3. Cable specific reports, including cable size, manufacturer part data and accessories requires, length, voltage, etc

Harness module functions


A command allows you to select individual, multiple or all connectors contained in your drawing, this will then display the following interface.

Through this dialogue you can manually define conductors connected to connector pins, and the signal that will be sent from the connector pin, in addition to this you can define the conductor wires size and/or colour, and finally define the connections between the connectors.

Furthermore there are options to import/export your connector names, pins and signal data, this can be saved/modified outside the ED environment for use in new projects for example.


Generate Cable info.

This function lets you view and modify the information applied to the cables through an intuitive interface.

Information that can be applied is the cable type, section, length, description, manufacturers part data and if required accessories.  If you type in a cable type and/or section which does not exist, upon selecting accept ED will show a pop up asking if you want to create it, pressing Accept will automatically add the cable or section size to the database for future use.

If you fill the edit boxes and the cable or conductor doesn’t exist, the cable and the conductor are created automatically after accept the popup dialog that will appear.

You can edit cables and add new cables, and cable sizes for these cable types.

ED will conform to the AWG so entering a gauge the conductor size and CSA, (cross sectional area) automatically, like wise by filling in a conductor size ED will use the Metric Wire Gauge system to automatically apply a gauge and CSA.



When the Wires tab is selected a dialogue will be displayed showing the conductors in the cable, the signal, section, colour and from to information, here you can add more conductors and/or modify this data, insert spares, or delete conductors.



The command allows you to modify and define connection data to connectors that have been inserted into your standard scheme drawings rather than into harness specific drawings types.

This requires that a Harness analysis is carried out, (already as standard in current versions of ED).  You can define, connector pin signals, connections, conductor colours and sections etc.  Connectors placed in scheme drawings are transparent and can be connected to field devices so that project wide connection reports will display device to device connection information.

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