Solar Calc: Electric sizing of a solar installation connected to the public grid in accordance with the C 15-712 guide

Solar CalcTM is a software program designed to enable professionals to size photovoltaic installations connected to the public grid in accordance with C 15-712 specifications.

SolarCalcTM takes all of the elements contained in a photovoltaic installation and provides compliance information for each one in a clear and user-friendly presentation

Solar CalcTM presents a complete, global view of the photovoltaic installation, from photovoltaic modules, to the public distribution grid connection; from a simple residential installation, to installations with multiple inverters distributed on a three-phase system.

Some features

  • DC and AC electric sizing with single or multiple inverters

  • Standard calculations and monitoring

  • Multiple brands provide independence from any single manufacturer

  • Personalized catalogs

  • Unique market product

  • Ergonomics and user-friendliness

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